The hanger is available in two (2) sizes.                                                                               

The small pelvic hanger

is intended for small

to medium size game

and has successfully

held up to 220 lbs. in field tests (recommended weight limit 150 lbs. maximum). 

The large pelvic hanger is intended for large game and can support over 300 lbs., (recommended weight limit 300 lbs. maximum)


Only touches bone with inside loins removed.

Secure fit

Made from 1/4” and 5/16” steel

Zinc plated

3 points of contact

No sharp points    


Fits in pack for field use.

100% Non Toxic



**These new hangers have worked successfully not only on deer but goats, sheep, hogs and bear as well.

​​Introducing the first ever patented pelvic hanger allowing you to process game** free-hanging for easy quartering.  Take advantage of this clever  new method of hanging game from the pelvic bone which eliminates problems and simplifies processing!

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Works best if you remove the inside loins before use.

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Note: Always keep the pelvic bone intact and use it to it's advantage.

Helpful Hint: When gutting your deer simply run your knife around the inside of the anal cavity to loosen the gut on the inside of the pelvic bone and simply pull out from the inside of the animal when you roll the guts out.

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    Hang game higher in your garage or cooler. 


Enables removal of all   edible meat without     ground contact, which reduces the risk of contaminating the meat.     


Reduced butchering time.   


If hung over night, game lock-up in a natural     position and  fit better        in your truck.



Combo #                             Description                            Price                              Shipping cost

Combo #1         1 small hanger & 1 large hanger         $25.00                            $6.00

Combo #2         3 small hangers & 3 large hangers      $ 55.00                           $11.50

Combo #3         5 small hangers & 5 large hangers      $100.00                        FREE SHIPPING

​Attach your hoist in the loop in the rope coming out of the tail end of the animal.